Wiggle Your Tail

April 23, 2015 Yes, it’s been way, way too long since my last entry. I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I just couldn’t slow it down enough to find my way to the keys. My tiny mom passed away at 103 and a half on February 1st. I spent 2 weeks caring … More Wiggle Your Tail

Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety (or Love The One You’re With) The degree to which we feel emotionally safe within ourselves is the same degree to which we feel emotionally safe. Stay with me here. Emotional safety arises from a relationship that is filled with deep acceptance and unconditional love. For me, it feels like landing in a … More Emotional Safety

23. River Road

  7/14/14 I sit here this morning and breathe in the delicious, slow summer air. The early morning feels safe and hopeful. Another opportunity to press our re-set buttons and begin anew. I want time to stop please. Maybe 8am could last for 4 hours or so. Then we would have enough time to just … More 23. River Road

22. Unbreaking Hearts

  6/30/14 It’s been way too long since I landed on the page. The sunnier, warmer weather pulled me away from my writing ritual. I painted, danced around, amped up my yoga practice, rode on the bike path, and hiked the mountain. New clients called in response to the demanding spring energy and my work … More 22. Unbreaking Hearts