Wiggle Your Tail

April 23, 2015

Yes, it’s been way, way too long since my last entry. I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I just couldn’t slow it down enough to find my way to the keys.
My tiny mom passed away at 103 and a half on February 1st. I spent 2 weeks caring for her in Florida and I’m very grateful for that time. Old as she was, and eager as she was to let go, the loss still feels very, very sad. I’m sure you understand.

Today I’m hearing her lilting voice and seeing my father’s quiet, proud smile.
They are both with me as I head to my first book signing event for “Wiggle Your Tail”. I will sit with six other authors at Barnes and Noble in North Haven, CT and I will do my best to get some tails wiggling.

I have been spending my time trying to figure out how to spread this book around to those who might benefit from what it has to offer. I have made some satisfying connections already but there is quite a way to go.

I’m also brewing a second children’s book starring 10 paintings that have been waiting in the wings. And I’m looking forward to getting back to writing here. My next piece will be, “Is it Safe to be Still?”. There, I said it. Now I will have to follow through.

In the meantime I thought that you might enjoy seeing the press release for “Wiggle Your Tail”. And in case you don’t already know, it’s available on Amazon.com

With appreciation and wishes for a happy spring,  Jane

Wiggle your tail and hold your head high!


Artist, art therapist and social worker, Jane Gross of Hamden, CT has had colorful little winged creatures running around in her head and on her canvases for years. Recently, she found a way to tie these whimsical ones down to the pages of a delightful children’s book. The insightful rhymes she has created are paired with a different fun animal on each page. She has employed her understanding of positive psychology and combined it with her passion for teaching self-acceptance, in creating this exciting book that truly boosts self-esteem for little ones … and for their grown-ups, too!

This artist and therapist’s first children’s book, “Wiggle Your Tail,” will surely inspire hope and joy in both children and adults. Perfect for parents to read over and over to their happy little ones, it’s also especially well suited for anyone – whether teachers of character development and personal growth or health and mental health professionals – to read to those in need.
Jane Gross has a private practice and offers expressive painting workshops called, “Painting from the Heart”. You can find her on paintingfromtheheart.org.


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