22. Unbreaking Hearts



It’s been way too long since I landed on the page. The sunnier, warmer weather pulled me away from my writing ritual. I painted, danced around, amped up my yoga practice, rode on the bike path, and hiked the mountain. New clients called in response to the demanding spring energy and my work hours increased. On the other hand, I mean foot, my left one became sore and inflamed (yes, I hear the sound of those angry words). I waited for it to heal on its own, which it did not, then finally took it for some physical therapy. My very gifted practitioner determined that it was twisted. She proceeded to untwist it by manipulating my foot and ankle with her hands. I felt relieved to tears, fortunate and ever so grateful for that hour of focused attention. Oddly, the song “Unbreak my Heart” played in my head as she was working. I’m not sure why. Maybe because my foot felt so cared for or maybe because I was wondering about this….if a person can un-twist a foot, can they unbreak a heart?

It then occurred to me that I have dedicated my life to unbreaking hearts. I felt a surge of hope that maybe the recipients of my care feel the same sense of deep trust and relief in my office as I feel in the hands of my body mechanic. 

So what does it mean to unbreak a heart? And is break the correct word, or is it more of a twist, like my foot? We know that suffering is caused by the twisted perceptions in our minds. Perceptions that we are unworthy, rejected, not enough, alone and powerless. These perceptions (often referred to as limiting beliefs) send arrows straight through our hearts, causing us to feel what we commonly refer to as brokenhearted. 

Healing a heart involves delving inside our minds to illuminate and examine our faulty perceptions. More often than not, once they are illuminated, we can gently but firmly untwist them. One at a time, at our own pace, our hearts begin to remember that they are made of unconditional love. The memory of this truth heals the ache and creates a calmer, stronger, and more flexible heart, body and mind. Perceiving the world from a loving point of view straightens out the twist, mends the break and leaves us feeling whole and well.

Our perceptions have the power to twist or break down our bodies in all sorts of ways, both inside and out. My sore, inflamed foot was no exception. It’s easy to get stuck in old, negative patterns, but they do nothing more than maintain our suffering. Stay there if you wish, but I invite you to join me on the other side. The side where our feet are able to take a walk, our eyes can see more clearly, and our hearts are whole and open.

Glad to be back.  

Much love,




4 thoughts on “22. Unbreaking Hearts

  1. Wow….just so perfectly spoken. Was literally talking to a loved one today about cardiac symptoms from a “broken heart” in ways that are usually not spoken about by the traditional medical community. I have no doubt that this is a real phenomenon….thank you Janey


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