15. FOR us


I’m feeling a bit off balance today. I chose to opt out of my morning routine in order to make a new connection with a like-minded practitioner. Ironically, I learned that her passion is to help people find more balance. I can hear the voice in my head saying, “That didn’t work out.” Yet if I heard you speak those words to me, I would say, “That’s not true, it did work out.” “You can’t argue with reality.” (Well, you can, but you’ll always lose). I would say, “The question is, what did you learn from the experience and how can you find your balance now?” 

My answer would be that I know that I am good for nothing (as my mother used to say with affection) when I forfeit my morning ritual. Moving forward, I will do my best to honor that truth. I will also continue to practice asking myself this question……

Why is this happening FOR me? 

I stumbled upon the above Einstein quote many years ago and since then the words have been magnetized to my refrigerator door. If only I could magnetize them to the inside of my head. Seriously, they are powerful words. They have changed my life and the lives of those who have been willing to listen. Let me explain.

We all know that life is full of challenges. Some tiny, as in deciding how to spend your morning off. Some large, as in discovering a malignant lump, and some huge, as in violence in the world or death of a loved one. Regardless of size, we all have the option of perceiving our challenges as either useless attacks against us or useful opportunities for us. 

When we choose the useless point of view, we feel like powerless victims. We blame ourselves, one another and maybe the world. We feel helpless, defeated, guilty, shamed, angry and resentful. The victim mentality seems to be our default setting. It’s easier really, albeit painful. Yet it never leads us to more peace or more love. It inhibits our growth and obstructs us from letting go and discovering new possibilities.

When we choose the useful point of view, we gain our power back. We accept that it is our responsibility to perceive our challenges as opportunities to grow. This perspective gives us hope. It allows us to trust the process, live in the moment and fully embrace our lives. We all have blind spots, or dark spaces, that obscure our light. Challenges can help us examine these spaces in order to see ourselves more clearly. When we see ourselves more clearly, we can make better and more loving choices. We can focus on solutions, let go and maybe even forgive. We feel resilient, safer, happier and more peaceful.

Einstein concluded that our lives are deeply changed for the better when we feel that the universe is FOR us. I’m not one to argue with his point of view. Are You?

Let’s practice together.


Love,  Jane



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