14. Ego vs Soul Desire


I am sitting in a comfortable chair with a soft blanket and hot tea.The music of my trusty little space heater is playing in the background. The teasing winter sun is pouring in through the windows, feigning summer. Meanwhile, the air is so cold it feels like it must have been deeply offended. I want to write but I don’t know where to dig in. I can feel a tug as if someone is hanging on to my shirt to prevent me from falling into a deep, deep hole. Yet I am drawn to explore. The deeper, the better.  My ego mind wants to have fun writing something light and humorous. My soul, on the other hand, wants to offer some illumination. And the topic unfolds.

Ego desire versus soul desire.

In the last ten years there has been a lot of talk about the art and/or science of manifestation. The experts proclaimed that we are made of energy and therefore we have the power to energetically attract anything we want. I loved the sound of that. Yay for us. We can sit around in our pjs wishing for a beach cottage and voilà. The next day we will be sunning on the sandy shore and feelin’ fine. After years of trial and error (okay, mostly error) I concluded that it’s just a tad more complicated than that.

Let’s start with the beach cottage or any dream scenario you want.Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. What comes up for you? Do your muscles relax? Does your mind slow down? Does the scenery or the situation help you to land in a more peaceful, happier state? Just for a moment, allow yourself to truly feel the inner state that arises in your dream. Now take a breath and allow yourself to imagine the scene without the relaxed inner state. Imagine that you are there in a state of fear, rejection, maybe even rage. Are you still longing for this dream? I think not.

The wants, or desires, of our ego minds are easily influenced by our culture. We are seduced into thinking that having or doing will bring us happiness. Our souls, on the other hand, always remember that our true desire is to be the love that we are. Therefore, a soul desire is one that facilitates the memory of this truth. When we understand that it is this inner state of love we truly desire, then we can ask ourselves a different question. Maybe the question is this. If my desire is to be happier, what are the opportunities that may help me to remove the thoughts that interfere with this result? We then commit to teaching what we need to learn and, as we do, we grow into a deeper state of self- acceptance. When our mission is to spend more time as the love that we are, being of service becomes the medium to get us there.

My writing is an example of this process. Waiting for these words to appear today was the result of my commitment to be of service by teaching what I needed to learn, in order to fulfill my soul’s desire to remember who I am. Who I am is the same as who you are. We are love.

From my heart to yours,





One thought on “14. Ego vs Soul Desire

  1. Cool. Very interesting concept–teaching what one needs to learn. Have to mull that one over for awhile. Thanks for giving me something to contemplate. Love, Kath


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