11. A Valentine For You

IMG_Heart0309    2/14/14

I would like to focus on you today.  Let’s talk about love.

Not about romantic love. No chocolate hearts (well, maybe a few).

No sexy lingerie. No waiting for the next phone call. I mean text message.

Just love.

I have been spending my work hours, for the last 30 years, helping people to remember who they are. I offer to guide them back to themselves, to their eternal essence. To the inner truth, the soul, that has been waiting patiently for liberation from their very human, very fear-filled minds.

We have all seen our true essence, if not in ourselves then surely in the smile of a newborn or the longing gaze of a baby animal. Some call it God, some call it spirit or source and some (myself being one of them) prefer to call it love. It’s so pure, so innocent, so precious, that the thought of it catches my breathe. It’s no wonder we protect it with all our might.

As tiny humans we arrive in search of love and connection, yet our caretakers are knee-deep in grown-up worries and often barely have enough access to their own hearts to connect and affirm the spirit of their little ones. Since our survival is dependent upon care from others, we do our best to grow into the person our caretakers need us to be. If we’re fortunate, our early environments are safe enough to allow at least a few carefree moments. If not, we travel on without having garnered the blissful experience of true freedom.

Our spirits arrive in little bodies in order to give and receive love. I think most of us can agree on that. We enter our bodies and then spend our lives yearning to be the love that we truly are. We want to know that we are fully accepted, worthwhile, and enough. We create a holiday such as Valentine’s Day with the knowledge that most of us look to others for this validation. There are some folks who look to a higher power, others who look within, and many more who just stop looking. We use old, fearful, habits of mind, and distractions of all sorts to avoid facing the painful misunderstanding that we are, at our core, anything other than love.

I am writing to you today, my Valentines, to invite you to place your hand on your heart, breathe, relax, and remember (maybe for the first time) that you are deeply accepted and truly loved just as you are.

Have a Happy Day.

All my love,  Jane


2 thoughts on “11. A Valentine For You

  1. Lovely. And very loving. Read it out loud to Steve too. Very well described — the challenges for little ones. Thank you. And much love to you.

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