4. Ode To The Elephant


My heart cracks open when I think about elephants. I remember vividly the moment that I was assigned to play the part of an elephant in my first grade circus show. My delicate ballerina self was humiliated by the implication that I wasn’t lovely enough to land the part of the dancing girl. I bowed my head and helped my mother as she dyed my leotard and tights from light pink to elephant grey. Then I followed in the line of hunched over kids, clasping my hands and swinging my arms as if they were my trunk as I walked slowly across the stage. That was the beginning and end of my performance history.

In hindsight, I can’t think of a greater honor than to take on the role of that sacred elephant. A creature so enormous and yet so gentle and loving. I could only hope to develop myself someday into a soul even one little bit as wonderful.

Awakening to and embracing the part that we have been given, meaning our innate and unique gifts, is a long and challenging process for some of us. I know that I am slowly growing closer to living true to my heart with each passing day. Letting you in with these very words feels like a very big step for this sensitive elephant lover. I only hope that I can inspire you to gracefully walk towards your own truth, one step at a time, in this coming new year.

I wish you all a healthy, peaceful and joyful 2014.

Love, Jane


One thought on “4. Ode To The Elephant

  1. Thank you Jane. I look forward to continuing my somewhat graceful walk towards my own truth in the new year. Well, at least my intent is to allow it to be graceful! : ) I wish you, Tiny Belle and the rest of your family a happy and healthy and joy-filled 2014. Rob

    rbf m 203.506.3683



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