1. Inspired by Nelson Mandela


My dream is this.  Each one of us stands, one at a time, on the top of a high mountain. We raise our arms up towards the sky and pronounce ourselves free. Free to be true to ourselves and free to choose to love ourselves with the knowledge that we will be unconditionally loved and accepted by others. Free to be different from those who raised us, those we raise and all beings. Free to open our hearts and claim our truth without fear of physical or emotional attack, annihilation or abandonment.

This freedom and acceptance would abolish our deepest fears. We would no longer feel threatened by different points of view, skin colors or cultures. We would be able to live with the freedom to follow our hearts and share our unique gifts. We would be fully embraced by our community. We would be able to give of ourselves from a state of wholeness and joy. This experience of  feeling loved and accepted would breed more and more love and acceptance.

Today it takes tremendous courage to stand up and show the world who we are. It is our job to encourage and support one another to find this courage.That is the only way we will begin to shift from fear to love. Claiming our own freedom is what will enable us to help others to do the same. Nelson Mandela developed his own internal gift of compassion and acceptance. He had remarkable determination and courage within that allowed him to express his gift in order to help his country begin to heal. His work was massive and his legacy is a treasure.

Each and every one of us can follow his lead as individuals by working towards deeper acceptance for ourselves, our loved ones and all beings. We are all in this together.

With love,



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